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Step 2: I show you this piece of stellar gay advice on P. Step 3: All you have to do is understand a few fundamentals about human nature and apply them. Step 4: Learn the 7 biggest mistakes most gay guys make when trying to start a conversation and how to avoid them. Try my long list of irresistible, no-rejection openers. Step 5: Step 6: Step 7: These gay tips are all on P.

Step 8: Step 9: Start out with indirect touching and escalate slowly with these time-tested tactics. All on P.

Then Try Our 3 ebook Bundle!

Bonus 1: These proven step-by-step techniques are guaranteed to give you rock star confidence! Bonus 2: Bonus 3: Bonus 4: Download the eBook, read it from cover to cover, and put my little known secrets to the test. No questions asked. There is none. Buy it. Think about it: What would your love life be like if you had the confidence to approach anyone anywhere at anytime? How much more sex would you have? How many more dates? How many more relationships? Want to take a sneak peek at some of the chapters in my book?

I like to bootleg a lot of facts and insights into funny narratives. My goal is to teach you something while making you laugh. Click Here To Get Started. Change the perception; banish the fear. It will stop you in your tracks. What if everybody sees it? These are real possibilities, after all.

You might be ignored. You might ruin everything by being too try-hard. What if he is interested but you ruin it by coming off as a bumbling loser or a crass jerk? Better to wait. The thought of making a wrong move triggers a fear of catastrophic loss.

Gay Dating 101: The Most Important Dating Tips for Gay Men

You know, for a complete stranger, Shagability sure has a lot of power over you. He welds your feet to the floor, puts duct tape over your mouth, and fills your brain with popping kernels of negativity. You know why he has that power? To overcome your fear of rejection, you must….

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  • Gay Men Kissing: How to Make Out with a Guy Ultimate Guide!.

Right now, you think of Shagability as a goal. Leave with him in your arms or your tail between your legs. When your goal is love, sex or both, it feels more like Live or Die.

Dating Tips For Gay Men

You either get validated by a beautiful guy or die of embarrassment. Meet your goal or die? Read More…. Confidence is the result of accomplishment. By setting up the right goals, detaching from the outcome and enhancing your social skills, you will produce the fuel that powers confidence.

Forget build-it-and-he-will-come visualizations. It comes down to this:. The doing comes before the feeling. Competence builds confidence. Competence creates confidence which increases competence.

Dating Tips For Gay Men | The Soulmates Blog

Approaching, talking and connecting with attractive guys is a skill you can learn. And with the right coaching and content, you can systematically produce results in days.

Yes, some people have a factory-installed charm engine, but the after-market installation is just as effective. Approach anxiety gets triggered by unreasonable goals. Telling yourself you need to go to the other side of the bar and pick up Shagability is about the most unreasonable goal you can come up with. Do you really expect to get to the top of Mt. Shagability without so much as setting up base camp?

From now on, this is your main objective:. The only way to get comfortable talking with good-looking strangers is to get comfortable talking to ALL strangers.

Getting experience in low stake situations prepares you for the high stakes prize. Everyone, everywhere, all of the time. Whether they look at you or not.

Gay Dating Guides

Oh, and you have to be the first one to say it. You walk into an elevator. Someone passes you in the hall. How are you. In line at the coffee shop. Your target is everyone: The waiter, the Starbucks guy. Hello, hello, hello! Goal 2: Detach from the outcome.

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Who cares! Move your body. Get up and say hello. Get used to acting immediately. Without thinking. This skill will pay handsome dividends. Make people feel special. Remember the last friend who went out of his way to say hello? Like you were valuable and worth coming over for. Give other people that feeling.

How To: First Date (Gay Edition)

Apparently, there are a lot of people who buy into certain myths about gay kissing. When a guy identifies as straight, he will usually shy away from intimate contact, like making out. However, there are occasions where a straight man will be open to a gay experience, such as a passionate kiss. Kissing another man is an art form. The truth is, most of us were never given a blueprint for how to do it right.

Hopefully, this guide has allowed you to learn more about gay kissing so that you feel more confident when the time comes. If you found this page to be helpful, please Like us on Facebook! If you are interested in more topics related to gay life, consider one of our other handy guides:.

Men's Variety Copyright G Digital. All Rights Reserved. Sign up for our newsletter. News Ticker. Men's Blog. Gay Kissing Ultimate Guide We created this guide on gay kissing to help you learn the basics of locking lips. Pre Gay Kissing Prep Work 1. Gay Kissing Starts with Fresh Breath and Clean Teeth Nothing memorable will happen if the guy you are kissing thinks your breath stinks. Avoid odorous foods, like onions and garlic, before making out. Make sure your teeth are as clean as possible and free of debris.

Have a few cleaning and freshening items on you for spontaneous situations where you have to act quick. Quickly sniff with your nose to assess the odor of your breath. Make sure your place is clean. Think tidy over perfection.