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If someone teased me I teased them back. I have a fast tongue.


It would have been ten years ago but not now. Both friends are out to their families and are well past the initial stage of family upset. Both of their fathers are quietly accepting of their sons.

As we spoke Reggie photo left noticed four apparently straight guys sitting two rows in front of us at the pool who could hear some of our conversation. He noted that a couple of times one or two turned around to see us with a frowning expression.

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But that was all. After a while the foursome walked away. They both stated dating in their teens and Lyndon had a steady boyfriend for a while in high school. Reggie is no longer in a relationship and is looking around for Mr.

Entertain the idea of local gay hookups!

He said gays usually meet new people though friends and friends of friends or at the discos, especially Grand West, or online, especially on Facebook. The mentioned another friendly venue in town, the Cafe Dijo in Gaborone owned and operated by a gay couple from South Africa. Reggie also mentioned that once a year Bonela sponsors a big gay bash as in party.

We are not aggressive, we have not fought wars getting to independence from England in and we have not lived under brutal leaders. Apartheid taught people to be violent. Communism taught people to hate. America has the hateful Bible belt around their throats. The dominant color is light blue like the peaceful ocean with two narrow white stripes, for white people, and a wider black stripe for black people.

Meet The Hottest Gay Men In Your Area On!

The result of this flood plain of 15, sq km is a garden of plenty for animal and plant life. Our tourist group of six was taken through the Delta in three canoes by three guides who moved us quietly through the reeds and waterways with long poles, like gondola drivers.

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After lunch, I asked Martin and another fellow guide, a native woman named Judith who happened to be there if they were aware of men who were attracted to men and women attracted to women. She did not speak English. Both grew up in Maun, the largest town in northern Botswana, where they finished secondary school high school and had gone to tourism training 3 years. I asked their opinion of gay people. Judith at first said something to the effect translated from Setswana that giving love is a good thing whether to a man or a woman.

She may not have understood my question, delivered through Martin who seemed uncertain how to explain it, because a few minutes later she said it was not a good thing. I repeated what she said and she suggested that both ideas were true: Martin made a similar comment. Giving love is a good thing to do but gay loving was wrong. I asked if this idea came from the church protestant in this area. It was obvious he had given virtually no serious thought to this idea before and did not seem to understand when I said people were born that way, just like his black skin or my green eyes.

He essentially was ignorant of any deep understanding of human sexuality but on the other hand he was not hostile or aggressive his responses. He willingly wrote out the words in the Setswana language for same-sex attraction: This is the gay scene in Gaborone: We could have been anywhere in Europe or North America and sounded and appeared the same as these young guys in Botswana.


An page research report by the World Bank. Urban modern gay life in Botswana is not some exotic, repressed, primitive, mysterious, closeted cadre of uneducated black guys speaking in native tongues although they do speak Setswana if they choose. Rather the opposite: Right or Mr.

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Right-away or not looking but just shouting over the loud music and shaking their booty. No different than Baltimore, Berlin or Milan—and much less crowded. But HIV remains a spectre that is ever present, mostly for heterosexuals but MSM are among the most vulnerable groups. Approximately one in six is infected giving Botswana the second highest infection rate in the world after nearby Swaziland. Nevertheless, among straight men there remains strong resistance to using condoms partly due to personal beliefs and attitudes and catholic church opposition.

This the lesbian scene in Gaborone, like the gay male scene, a small gathering of friends: Monica said social gay meetings were difficult to arrange because many LGBT people outside Gaborone cannot afford a taxi to the meet and cannot afford a meal at a restaurant. Class separates, color separates, money separates, gender separates, gays separate from straights. So, as usual around the world, an unpublicized community emerges without form, without leadership, without a formal social organization.

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